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1. Do you homeschool in your pajamas? 

No, we wake up and get dressed for school every day, except when we are sick.


2. Describe a typical day?  What is your schedule? 

Well, it is different for every homeschooler. For me, I generally wake up at 5:00am to go for soccer training or swimming and then start my first class at 9:30am – which is always math. Depending on the classes I have that day, I might have an extra study hall. I take seven subjects including, math, science, English, history, geography, French and art/music. I am usually done by 4:30 with school. I then have either soccer or swimming in the afternoon. This is normal for every day except weekends and some Fridays for field trips. However, like I said, it is different for every homeshooler. Some go to co-ops, others have their first class at 8:00am. The homeschool schedule is put together to accommodate your every day goals and needs.


3. Did you choose to be home-schooled or were you forced? 

I chose.  In fact, coming into my ninth grade year I had to convince my parents to home-school me through high school.  I made this decision because I felt it would better fit my life. I had been to private, public, and charter schools; and still liked homeschooling the most. Like any school program, there are pros and cons.  Fortunately, the pros of homeschooling exceeded the cons.


4. Do you have friends? 

Yes. It is more challenging to make friends just because of the opportunities you are given to do so. However, most of my friends come from my church.  It’s just like in regular school, you can be the kid who never has friends but has plenty of opportunities to make them. My social life is different. I don’t go hang out every weekend. Nor do I sleepover at people’s houses a lot. Unfortunately, that was one of the sacrifices I made becoming homeschooled.