1. How do you juggle work and home school?

 I have to organize myself, set delivery dates for my assignments and plan several months ahead…..which still doesn’t guarantee success.

For example, once I know what books are going to be used for the school year, I use the summer to set up and plan the pace of the curriculum. I print out most of the first semester hand-outs, tests, etc.  and try to plan out field trips that correspond to what they are learning. I know we will not hit every mark, so I don’t stress myself out about that. I use this as my guide for the “lane” of activity we need to stay in during that semester.

2. What does it mean to “live in community”?

 It means you live around people you trust enough to have transparency and accountability with. You open your actions, thoughts and feelings to them as imperfect beings as they do the same with you in the hope that everyone benefits from each person’s unique gifts, talents, insights and examples of living.

3. What extra-curricular activities are your children involved in?

 Civil Air Patrol – this includes physical activity programs, summer encampments, weekly meetings, study materials for promotions, opportunities for mentorship in general as well as leadership training.

Swimming with DC Wave

Church – youth ministry monthly activities

Upcoming – Horseback riding, Martial Arts and Local 5K runs