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I got back on Sunday from San Antonio, Texas. I traveled there with my mom, sister (Cherie), and Baby Lourdes for a ‘bucket list’ experience—the chance to celebrate my godparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Not only was this bucket-list material because they made it to year 50 (hooray!!) – but also because it was the first time I saw my god family with eyes that could remember. The last time I saw them I was two years old.

We had a great time in Texas catching up – sharing photos and eating some of the best French toast casserole I have ever had! But the trip left me tired and I found myself exhausted when I arrived home. Needless to say I didn’t anticipate feeling like this upon my return. As I laid in bed all Monday all I could think of was the enormous pile of stuff that was waiting for me: house stuff, school stuff… Although these things were pressing I knew I didn’t have the energy for it, let alone the energy to teach! And I found myself feeling guilty. Have you ever been there before?

Tuesday morning came and I found myself dragging my body out of bed. How am I going to make it, I thought. I sat at our meeting table, which at this point was overrun with art work, crayons, markers and scissors. It was a complete mess. So away went the plan of introducing +2 addition facts – I knew I needed to get myself organized and ease back into my usual routine, even if that meant taking another day off.

With that thought in my head I pushed guilt aside and gave Lela independent review work and then proceeded to put my world back in order (laundry, mail, vacuuming, cooking, lesson planning…). After two hours of that I decided to rest. Literally. I took a shower, gathered my three blessings and tucked all four of us in the bed for some much needed snuggle time.  I discovered they needed the resting time just as much as me…mommy had been away for three days (something they are not used to). We all rested together…and I didn’t feel not one ounce of guilt!

-Chantel-LaVonne/The Muse