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Today we were all packed in my mother’s car going out into the world to run some errands. I was sitting in the backseat next to Lela and she pulled out The Cat and The Hat book by Dr. Seuss. She asked me if she could read it and I nodded yes.

Now, between me and you I wasn’t planning on listening to her story because Lela does ‘play’ reading with her stories (except the reading books we work on in class–she really reads those). I was just thankful that she brought something to occupy her mind as we went about our errands. So I let my mind drift out the window…

But then…amazingly…my ears started to tingle and I started to get so excited…she was reading! Instantly I started paying attention-she was reading with great fluency and expression. And both of her sisters were attentively listening!

Needless to say I was so proud of her, but most importantly, she was proud of herself. When she got to the end she said “Wow mom, this is a long book. I read 62 pages!”

“Yes you did, Lela! Yes you did!!”

Chantel-LaVonne / The Muse