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It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father. 
Pope John XXIII 

As a father, I enjoy my kid’s individual and quirky personalities.  My eldest daughter is quite the show(wo)man with a ton of talent to back up her high-flying antics.  However, she’s also a VERY serious student and takes great offense to anyone who dares impede on her “meeting time” or school time with her mom, or even worse – disgrace her beloved Ballet lessons.  I’m serious, if she decides that you’re worthy of one of her “lessons”, you need to pay attention because she’s stricter than a Russian instructor in the cold war U.S.S.R. and her temper is hotter than jalapeños on a habanero and horse radish sandwich.

I’m serious about my stuff, dude.

On occasion, I have the opportunity and blessing to actually teach my daughter a lesson.  What I love about her is that she’s forgiving to a fault with me because I don’t do it exactly how mommy does it.  Thus, during a lesson, she’ll actually instruct me in tandem to the lesson I’m teaching her about the pomp and ritual of her classroom routine.  I accept that instruction because it as helps her take ownership of her work.  She feels pride and happiness in being able to know what she’s doing.  Even in her struggle, she wants to learn the material so badly.

These lessons are such a great time for she and I.  I feel accomplished and involved in her educational pursuits.  When she reads me a book, I feel in awe with her mastery of the written language at her age.  When she writes her name and sentences on a piece of paper, it makes me feel like not only did we do the right thing, but we truly have given her a leg up in the world.  My daughter has taught me about drive tempered with a dose of patience.  She’s taught me that you have no limits when you don’t know they exist.  When she tells me, “Great job, daddy!”, my heart smiles because she knows that her dad cares about her learning.  She knows that her dad is invested.

She knows that her daddy is present… and there are few greater moments in a parent’s life.

Be present in your child’s education and your child will only know limitless possibilities.

Good job, bro….

G-Man bka Daddy