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Lately the FDA has discovered that energy drinks harm kids. The FDA has also found how energy drinks such as Monster, Red Bull, Rock-star, and Full Throttle don’t have to follow the same regulations as sports drinks and sodas. My opinion on this is that parents should not buy energy drinks so often if it is causing damage to their kids. I also believe that the FDA should consider passing a bill regarding the same restrictions as soda. I have had personal experience with a Monster energy drink with my uncle. Within the first thirty minutes after drinking it  I started to feel jumpy, hyper, and sick. Then about an hour later I began to feel fatigued. The worst part was, as much as I tried to sleep I found myself constantly fighting it due to all the energy that I had consumed. I think parents and the FDA should tell kids to cut energy drinks out of their diets and not overdue the caffeine since that is one of the primary ingredients in most energy drinks.

The Jordan