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When we started home schooling we were ignorant of all the different types of home schooling. Every home school does things there own way, as do we. If we had to classify our style I would say we take the more ‘school at home’ approach. My background is in education and I was a former public school teacher. I bring to the table all of the lessons learned inside the classroom as well as the practical tools of the trade. What does this mean for us exactly? We use standards as a resource to help plan curriculum and we use grades.

We also are like private tutoring because the children receive direct instruction (younger children) and facilitated support (older children) from adults who are specialist in their field. Not only do they benefit from a knowledge aspect but from learning from some one who is passionate about his/her field.

What is true is that you have to do what fits best for your family in the current season you are in. That could be a mix of styles and philosophies or just one concrete path. The great news is you get to decide!

Chantel – LaVonne / The Muse