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My mother has lent me most of my confidence. I have always been one of those kids who always came below par in things–especially academically. In math there were always people who got things quicker. In science I would have to study longer to fully grasp the concept. However, despite all of these obstacles that completely shattered my confidence, my mom still believed in me. Even if I was the last to finish, she still believed I could achieve my goals. A recent example of this is when I went to visit St. Mary’s College, to attend an ID Soccer camp. I knew I was the youngest; meaning, I was not as strong or skilled as the other girls. So as the time got closer for me to attend the camp, I began to tell myself I was not good enough, and I should probably not go. I made up my mind I was not going to go.

The day before the event I told my mom it would be best if I did not attend the camp. My mom replied, with an expression like she knew this was going to happen, “It is a learning experience. I believe you will actually shock yourself with how well you do.” Even while this might seem like a minor ‘pump up,’ I knew my mom truly believed in me. My mother lent me her confidence by believing in me and allowed me to ‘shock myself’.

The Jordan ~ Second to Launch