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This morning I woke up thinking about Mary.

Maybe it is because I am a mother of  3, and thus have carried three precious gifts. Or maybe because my heart aches for all the mothers and fathers waking up this morning in Connecticut without their loved one…

I am not all together sure why, but my heart and mind is focused on Mary. So I let it be. The weight of pregnancy, of carrying a babe is tremendous. And the birth of a child is physically and emotionally altering. I am convinced now, that the decision to have and raise a child is so sacrificial in nature.

And just as God choose Mary to have her baby, I know he choose me to have mine. And just as God’s plan for Jesus went beyond pleasing his mother, I know His plans for my darlings extend beyond me.

I am thankful for the example of Mary. I am thankful that she gave birth to such Hope.

And it is that Hope that greets me this morning–that is my gift. I am full of it and seek nothing more. But I am also very aware that there are people who simply do not have the Hope of Christ rooted in them. They do not see that babe as the gift of Hope.

As I prepare to walk up the stairs and behold the tree with all the presents underneath it with my children, I will fight to capture this ‘feeling of wonder’.

Tomorrow, when the presents have been opened, I hope to wake up and still look for my gifts…to look for the hope in everything and everyone…including myself. I am sure, like my earthly father, He will never disappoint in showering me with presents.

This year, I encourage us all to look for the gifts!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Chantel – LaVonne ~  The Muse