Ok, so one of the top five questions I am always asked as a home schooling mom is, “Do you all stay in your pjs all day?”  It always makes me smile.

The answer is no, not really. For the most part we all get up and do our personal care (PC) which includes putting on ‘day clothes’. But there are some days (rainy days, sick days, just feel like staying in my jammy days…) where I will stay in my oh so cute pajamas!


As for my girls, they actually like playing with their clothes and do between 4-7 costume changes a day (I know…pray for me). So although you might not see them in their pjs you probably will see them dressed up as Tinkerbell, a surfer girl or Princess Bell. Needless to say it helps keep our days interesting!

Chantel-LaVonne ~ The Muse