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Hello everyone, my name is Nathan and I am apart of this blog. I’m finally putting a post on the website (I hope you like it or you will need to start sleeping with your eyes open).

Keep those eyes open… I’m serious…

Anyway, I am really exited for this post because it’s the first time I have had a blog. Most of my posts on the website will be on things that I think are funny or just random things I notice about my environment. I used to go to a Middle School in Virginia, but now I am back in home school with everyone which is awesome. Some things about me are that I enjoy long walks on the beach—not…I enjoy the colors yellow and gray, I love to play video games (go Xbox360 all the way), and I like my parents. I have a nice phone, and I’m taller than my mom—Oh, I also like electronica music and am scared of the dark (DON’T JUDGE ME). Yet, I am the kind of person that looks at the happier sides of sad things, and by that I mean I try to see the good in bad situations with some humor (even though sometimes it can get awkward).

But I do awkward so well….

Because I’m cool like that…

Those are some things about me; but in this blog, even though I am supposed to write everything, I don’t want to be doing all the work. I’m not lazy, but I just don’t want to be alone in something *sniffle* as great as this.  I want you peoplez out there to post questions. When I answer the questions, I like to be casual with my responses, but that doesn’t mean I’ll write like this: omg like i luv  pankakes nd yolo ereybodeh mang, ya wut up brah – and I won’t be writing like this either: for art thou the most beautiful creature in thy forest of beauty (whatever Shakespeare said).

My reaction when I saw my pictures on the blog…

I only say some words like “peoplez” but it’s only okay because I made it up. When you entered the website, you probably saw some very weird pictures of me. Well, in my defense, I was not informed there would be pictures like those of me up, so I hope they will be changed in the future. If not, you guys will have to get used to them and so will I (Just kidding, first chance I get they are coming down).

I can’t wait to see your questions and thank you for reading my blog post.

Doing the “Happy Dance”…

Nathan ~ The Comeback Kid