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When I was a teenager living in Southern California, my family went on a wine tasting tour of several vineyards for my Dad’s birthday. He loved wines and enjoyed educating himself about them. Since my Dad was a trauma surgeon in Los Angeles, it was a rare event to be able to spend that kind of time with him. The best part of that experience was seeing everyone around me so relaxed and happy….all at the same time!!!

Sure, the wine had something to do with it, but what I remember the most was the quiet excitement of my Dad exposing us to an experience he was passionate about.

One of the tools we use for learning in our village home school is audio and video lecture series from some of the best professors in the world through The Great Courses. My daughter, Natalie, literally sleeps with course catalog under her pillow at night [as if upon awakening, the DVD fairy will have, yet again, graced her with another lecture series].

So, when Natalie mentioned the course on Wine Tasting, I suppose a part of me saw my chance to create that excitement with my daughter while reliving it with my Dad.

The course is comprised of 24 lectures which are 30 minutes each. I soon realized it was impractical for me to buy the wines for each lecture so that only two people could take a few sips from each bottle. As a result, I decided to break the lectures up and invite friends over to take the course as well. So now, once a month for 12 months, I host the wine tasting course at my house and invite friends to bring friends. Each month new people show up and we all enjoy the process of learning together.

Who Knew…..[smile]……

Pam ~ The Implementer