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Around Thanksgiving, my sister, Chantel, and brother-in-law, Khari, indicated that a Village Blog about our home-school experiences and lives in general was in the works, and they wanted all of us to contribute.

In truth, my friend Pam, my sister and I have been homeschooling for some time and do get a lot of questions.  We also get questions about how we live, which is intentionally relational.   What I mean is that we live in a way that promotes community and those values that make community work.  Values like transparency, accountability, respect, and the occasional, “Yes, we are in your business!”  Yet, in all of that there is a lot of grace and space.

I could see the sense of creating a way to systematically answer questions and share our lives. However, I am fairly private, even though I can be transparent with friends and family.  And I’m certainly the type to slowly, very slowly tip-toe into the sea.   Blogging and having pictures out there was definitely counter intuitive.  However, the “Posters”, that’s what I now call Chantel and Khari, kept pressing. I saw that my picture and “tagline” were ready for them to post my submissions.  In this instance, those Posters epitomized the saying “build it and they will come.”

Ever the encourager, on Christmas day Chantel praised my daughter, Jordan, for her blog and congratulated her on receiving a comment from Australia.  She even showed us the next level of our blog, (I had not reached the first) a video cast she and Khari had recorded with a background track entitled “Express Yourself”.   What they didn’t know is that song is a favorite of mine, and seeing the fruit of their efforts did indeed inspire me to do just that…express myself.

So, in this New Year as we resolve to do this or not do that, I’d encourage you to go to your “playground” as this blog has been coined for our village, and take up the call to express yourself.

Grace and Peace,

Cherie ~ The Muse