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PLEASE READ!!! Anyone can apply for scholarship money.

 Parents can even apply to help with student loans.

GotChosen is launching the largest single private scholarship initiative with no specific educational institution affiliation. The program is easy and free to enter.

GotChosen scholarships are not award based on academic achievement or financial need. Instead, the scholarship is a random drawing. The winner of the drawing will receive a total of $40,000 in scholarship money.  Scholarship funds must be used for “Education Expenses”: tuition, fees, student loans, books, supplies, equipment required for study, contribution to a 529 Plan or prepaid college program, or towards repayment of outstanding student loans. Additionally, GotScholarship: $40k to Give Away winning is transferable, and virtually anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to participate.

Please visit the site directly for more information and to register to win.

Good Luck!!

Chantel-LaVonne ~ The Muse