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The Tebow Bill is named after the professional quarterback, Tim Tebow, who was taught at home but played sports at a public school.  The bill would force public schools to allow home schooled students to try out for their sports team. Schools that refuse would be barred from participating in organized sports leagues.

The bill would also allow students to participate in activities like debate clubs and the scholastic bowl.

The student must reside in the school district, be under the age of 19 and meet certain academic benchmarks for two years before joining a team.

The bill would allow schools to charge home-schooled student a fee to cover participation costs. The law would expire after five years unless lawmakers renew it.

Still, school administrators, principals and teachers oppose the legislation, insisting it creates an uneven playing field between students.

This bill was defeated in the Virginia General Assembly in 2012. Virginia parents have not given up hope and are continuing to lobby for this bill.

If you are a Virginia resident and are in agreement with the Tebow Bill please take a moment and show your support by completing the online petition.

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