Really enjoyed this article about grandparent’s role in home schooling. I know that our children are blessed to have their Meemaw and Nana actively engaged. Although there may have been a time when my parents were unsure if this ‘home schooling thing’ was actually a good thing for their grand-babies (way back when my eldest sister began home educating her daughter, Jordan) they showed nothing but support. That support throughout the years has been priceless — be it encouraging words, money for supplies, helping to teach a lesson here and there, or being present to hear the children read their latest, greatest essays. This school year my mom has really stepped up and has given up her time to drive my girls and I to and from Cherie’s house where we meet every Tuesday for Village School. Her support in this manner has been priceless. The children truly enjoy having grandma around and love to show-and-tell. The memories they are allowed to build with her will stay with them always. For that I am grateful!

Rebecca English PhD

Recently, I had a conversation with an old friend, a grandmother, who described her involvement in her grandchildren’s home education. It prompted me to go and look on the databases for research into the home education/grandparent relationship. I was surprised to find very limited research into this field. One study (paywall), provides advice to homeschool families who are having trouble with relatives and suggests strategies to alleviate stress among grandparents (the homeschool mother’s, and it is usually mothers, parents/in-laws) over the choice.

Another paper (paywall) advocates for the role of grandparents in homeschool families. They argue that, in a networked world where most of the information taught at school can be accessed outside of it, there is an opportunity to use homeschool to connect with broader information as well as with significant family members.

Kenner, Arju, Gregory, Jessel and Ruby (2002) describe the role of grandparents in fostering…

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