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“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.”  Winston Churchill

After church one Sunday in 2007, a few friends casually mentioned how the children had…not to be indelicate , but….ahhhh….somehow, surely as a mistake……pushed aside adults, elderly and anyone infirmed to be the first to the doughnuts  that had just been put out for the congregation.

Sadly, Lorenzo, Cherie and I believed them….. [I think they were Krispy Kreme?]….. We took this as an opportunity to acknowledge that something had been lost in the communication of what was appropriate behavior.  A village meeting was called and hence “the year of The Basics” began.

We started with what our definition of a “Basic” was so that in the future, we could use this single word as shorthand to communicate a larger idea that would be instantly and precisely understood.

This was such a success that other special words or phrases were constructed over time to communicate valuable teachable moments. Hence, the humble beginning of our Village Dictionary.  I hope you find it as helpful and fun as we have. I will start off with our first official entry.

“A Basic”: It is an action or thought that we don’t expect you know initially, but once we explain or teach it, we expect mastery at a certain point. If not….we will think something is wrong with you.

          Village Example: Potty Training

o   We introduce and teach the concept or behavior…at first…we applaud and cheer that you understand and did it correctly…..”Great Job!!”

o   We expect that there will be times when you take one step back before 2 steps forward….”It’s  O.K. honey…these things happen….let’s get you a cleaned up and into a new pamper….you’re the BEST!!!……

o   After a certain point, if you still are unable to complete the action or thought PERFECTLY…without any mess….then we entertain the possibility that something is wrong with you….”Honey…let the 35 year old man cut his own food”..”You know the doctors told us no sharp Objects!!!” [Dirty Rotten Scoundrels flashback….”Oklahoma, Oklahoma….”]

o   There will be no parade for getting it done…..no “Great Job!!!” It is just something you should be able to do without any need for feedback or approval…..

A Basic…..


Pam ~ The Implementer