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Academic Achievement Testing for Any Homeschool Student
CC Testing Services coordinates standardized testing in many locations in Virginia and across the United States. We have been busy getting organized for this year’s achievement testing: hiring test coordinators and updating and improving our website registration process. Now, coordinators are beginning to plan testing events in their areas.
Testing events are held at different times in different communities. Some will begin very early this spring, so we want to encourage you to check the calendar now to find a location in your area. You can see a list of available dates by clicking the button above, at right, or by visiting our website, CCTestingServices.com. Don’t miss out!

Achievement Testing for Homeschool Students
More details about testing and the Stanford-10 achievement test are below. I hope that as you wrap up this year, you will take the time to register with us for your 2013 achievement testing.
The Stanford-10 National Achievement Test is used and recognized by educators across the United States. As a norm-referenced test, the Stanford-10 not only offers home educators information on their students’ achievements, it also provides comparisons based on nationwide test results.
Find a testing location in your area.

Contents of the Stanford-10:

Grades 1-2: Word study skills, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, listening, math, environment

Grade 3: Vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, listening, social studies, math, language, science

Grades 4-12: Vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, listening, social studies, math, language, science, study skills

No community testing location in your area?

We can still help! With CC Testing Services, your student can test via our online community. Click the button at left to visit our website for more information.

At Classical Conversations Testing Services, we believe that standardized testing is an important part of preparing students for college entrance exams, whether your state mandates testing or not. We take a very pragmatic attitude toward testing: the test results are not as important as the skill of test-taking, although achievement tests do provide parents with reliable data for evaluating progress in language and math skills.

We have chosen to offer the Stanford-10 National Achievement Test because it is great preparation for the SAT I and the ACT in high school.

Be Informed!

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