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This was in my inbox this morning…thought I would share!

Why I Chose to Homeschool

by kimmcdanie | on March 21, 2013

As I come to the end of my homeschool journey, it gives me pause to reflect on how and why we got started some 12 years ago. Before jumping into the meat of this, I want to give you just two words that can accurately and profoundly sum up my experience.

No Regrets.

We started this journey as a family of 5 moving all in the same direction. All rolling out of bed at a decent hour, at least me, the primary teacher, and the 3 students. By the time our day actually started, the Principal/Bread Winner/Chief Overseer was usually long gone to “meet the man”. When we started I had a pre-schooler, a first grader, and a fourth grader. Today, my homeschool graduate daughter is a 3rd year student at a premier Arts & Design University; my son is a high school senior, who has been accepted into five colleges, and my “baby girl” (after 9 years of homeschool) has launched out into the deep, joining public school in these, her high school years. She attends a highly competitive Arts School, taking a bevy of AP and Honors courses.

Did I mention that I have No Regrets?

The beginning was a gamble, as every beginning is. We launched out into the deep as a response to an internal calling, to continue to be hands on and super involved in the lives of our children. I remember on our very first day of school when we did our Bible Study portion, we actually went out of our house and measured out the approximate size of Noah’s Ark. I bet the neighbors viewed us quite quizzically as we took giant steps up and down our street, counting out paces. Bible Study, Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic, Values.

The early years. For any mom out there who thinks homeschooling might be beyond your scope of expertise, just remember, that if you can potty train a child and teach him to say please and thank-you, then there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from being successful in the arena of further discipline and instruction. It’s not that deep. Beyond the academics, you are basically training a little person how to be a decent big person, one that others will desire to be around.

Subject Matter Expert.
By design, this came to mean, “knowing more than anyone else in the room, about a particular topic”. The light bulb came on when I realized that as long as I was the subject matter expert, I was on good footing. And oftentimes, I became the expert the night before, while the kids were sleeping. And guess what? As long as I maintained an open attitude when not having all the facts, the actual attitude I was displaying to my students was that a) adults don’t know everything and b) we still enjoy discovering new ideas and concepts – that is what makes learning a positive and rewarding life long endeavor.

So now, coming to the end of the strictly academic road, we are pushing these young people out to sea, with a God they know for themselves, confidence to stand on and for what they believe, and the desire to be brighter and move forward with each course, class, or opportunity.

I recommend homeschooling to anyone who thinks they could stand the joy that it can bring. It is definitely not for sissies, but there is no other opportunity in this world to watch your child grow from a sapling to a tall willow tree, ready for the gusts of life.

To Your Many Successful Journeys,
Coach Kim