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I just wanted to share our 5 favorite shows we enjoy as a family!

#1 Hermie & Friends

I am such a fan of this show, and so are my daughters. Everything about it is great including  deep messages children can understand. Best of all, I love the relationship the characters have with God and how God is always there, listening and ready to help. Such a great message.

#2 Worldword

“Welcome to a place where words come alive…” Worldword is that place. It is a vibrantly fun cartoon filled with words. Everything in this world is constructed by letters (which is the neat thing). It is a great show that teachers vowel and consonant sounds, blends and word meaning.

#3 The Electric Company

If you used to watch the Electric Company when you were little, please check out the updated version. I LOVE this show. Actually, everyone in the family does. The use of hip-hop beats brings words to LIFE. I also applaud the show for its commitment to diversity.




#4 BizKids 

This is a new favorite of ours as we just discovered it over spring break. Even though the show’s target market is middle and high school children, Lela (6) enjoys it. She has learned so much about business (profit, credit, business plan) and now walks around sharing what business she is going to start! I love that the show planted that seed.

#5 Sofia the First

Ok, what little girl does not want to be a princess? And I have three! We were so excited for this series to start as Sophie is an ‘ordinary’ girl turned princess and is spreading good values throughout her newly inherited kingdom. She does with with pretty dresses and jewels~what little girl wouldn’t love it!



We hope you enjoy these show as much as we do!

Be inspired!

Chantel ~ The Muse