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For my 5th Grade Language Arts Class I decided to construct the curriculum around Newbery Medal award winning books. Linda (my student) and I really enjoyed reading each and every book –meeting so many interesting characters and getting lost in their worlds.

The Giver was the last fiction book we studied before jumping into non-fiction works. Every year I try to teach a novel that I have never read before and The Giver was one of two new selections for me.

I picked up the book knowing very little about the story line and the author. I expected maybe to find it interesting and I knew that there would be a lot of rich conversations that we could have around the novel. Art always allows that.

What I did not expect was to stumbled upon such a note-worthy book, set in a distant and unfamiliar world, governed by odd rules to maintain ‘sameness’.

If you are looking for a novel that both you and your child (male or female) will enjoy, try The Giver. Your discussions will be endless! I found myself snuggled in bed devouring the book, I talked about it with my grown-up friends and family (my mom became so interested that she decided to buy a copy for herself just to understand what the hype is all about). I couldn’t wait to get to class just so that I could get out every emotion this book evoked in me. Linda felt the same exact way.

Lois Lowry is a brilliant author who knows how to tell a great story. I love the fact that she respects children’s intelligence as she writes and does not ‘dumb-down’ the language nor the complexities of life.

So, if you are looking for a book to share with your children (10 and older) then please consider The Giver!

Be inspired!

Chantel ~ The Muse