Wow, so nicely stated. My sister, Cherie, and I were talking today about homeschooling and reflecting/adding to the reasons to continue to press forward and so much of our conversation was captured in this entry.



If you have children, you may have considered (or are considering) homeschool.  If you don’t have children, you may just be curious about those odd families who do school at the kitchen table.  At either rate, this post was written by a guest blogger who shares some important thoughts when reflecting on this issue.  

A Case for Homeschooling by Randi Brunansky 
  Randi is a graduate of Wichita State University with a BA in communications.  More importantly, she is the mother to four amazing and squirrely kids ages 1 to 6 and has made the brave choice to homeschool.

Our oldest daughter is in the last few weeks of her first grade year, and our second daughter is finishing preschool.  Unlike a majority of their peers, their schoolteacher is their mom. We sit at the kitchen table to have spelling tests. We do science experiments on the back patio. I change…

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