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I am so excited to share the news that my niece, Jordan Bellamy, has been accepted into the Hurston/Wright‘s Creative Writing Workshop for Teens program in Washington, DC!

I am especially proud of Jordan because this year she discovered another talent that God has blessed her with, the talent of creative writing. I can’t wait to see it bloom and grow!!

Congratulations Jordan!


Here is some information about the Hurston/Wright Foundation:

Named for literary geniuses, Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright, the Hurston Wright Foundation was founded in 1990 by award-winning author Marita Golden and bibliophile/cultural historian Clyde McElvene. Hurston/Wright was established to be a resource center for training and a gateway to ensure the unique experience and voice of African Americans in literature.


The mission of the Hurston/Wright Foundation is to discover, educate, mentor, and develop African American writers.

The Hurston/Wright Foundation ​is a literary education institution committed to the development, dissemination and preservation of literature with a focus on the contributions of African American writers. By preserving and honoring African Americans in literature, the Foundation ensures this vital part of American literature will continue to remain available to all readers.


​The Hurston/Wright Foundation serves aspiring and emerging writers, published authors, readers and supporters of Black literature. Hurston/Wright programs, awards, special events and literary resources aim to impact the literature community and those who contribute to the enrichment of it.​


​The Hurston/Wright Foundation is led and supported by a diverse board of directors and an advisory board of notables from the national literary community that includes Toni Morrison, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Terry McMillan, Chinua Achebe, E. Ethelbert Miller, and hundreds of community volunteers.

Be inspired!

Chantel ~The Muse