I always get asked about our calendar and homeschooling schedule so I thought I would share (sorry if you have been waiting on this for awhile). Last year my schedule looked completely different. I was carrying between 5-7 classes a day and I really did not HONOR the breaks. So, after meeting a fellow homeschooling mom in a park one day and picking her brain, I decided to implement her system which only has me teaching 4 subjects a day. Thus far, I love it and so does Lela!

Another thing, we do school all year because it is what makes sense for our family–our meeting time (as the kids call school time) anchors our day. Due to that Lela completes more than her grade level (1st/2nd, 2nd/3rd, etc.)

Our day flows like this (normally…depending if coffee is in the house…how the children slept…you know!):

8:15      Lela begins independent work (handwriting, math review, etc.)

8:30      Circle Time (All three girls enjoy this–we collectively go over the weather, bible lesson, and practice skills for Niara (colors, shapes, letters). We also have our morning prayer time together.

9:00      Language Arts (I work on a A/B day system so on A Days we cover Spelling, Phonics and Grammar and on B Days we cover Spelling/Reading and Writing)

9:45      Math

10:30    Wiggle Break (by this time we all need a break. I get another cup of joe, the girls get a piece of fruit and usually Lourdes has a diaper that needs changing and is ready for a nap. Oh, and the girls get their wiggles out by running outside or dancing indoors while I tackle yet another load of laundry).

11:00    History (This includes reading the chapter, discussing it and doing a quick project)

11:30   Elective (Science/Art/Music)

12:00   Clean Up Time (This is an ALL HANDS ON DECK EFFORT! While the children are cleaning I prep for the next day).

12:30   Lunch and Playtime

1:30     Quiet Time (This is a most serious time of the day–Lela (6 ) has the choice to nap of quietly read/write while Niara (3) must nap. The lights are turned off, candles lit and everyone must be still, even the dog and cat obey the rules!

The afternoon is filled with many different things–depending on the day. But as far as work is concerned–we aim to have that finished by 12:00.

Another note: Dance and PE are classes conducted OUTSIDE the home.

Below is our Calendar for the year!

2013-2014 Academic Calendar

43  Academic Weeks    *        215 Academic Days       *     5 Days a weeks




# of Weeks



Sept. 3rd

Oct. 18th

Oct. 21st

Oct. 25th


Lang.Arts / Math / History / Chinese / Dance / Music History


Oct. 28th


Dec. 16th

Dec. 27th


Lang.Arts / Math / History / Chinese / Dance /Biology


Dec. 30th

Feb. 7th

Feb. 10th

Feb. 14th


Lang.Arts / Math / History / Chinese / Dance /Biology


Feb. 17th


Mar. 31st

Apr. 4th


Lang.Arts / Math / History / Chinese / Dance /Art History


Apr. 7th

May 23rd

May 26th

May 30th


Lang.Arts / Math / History / Chinese / Dance /Art History


June 2nd

July 4th

July 7th

July 11th


Lang.Arts / Math / History / Chinese / Dance /Physics


July 14th

Aug. 15th

Aug. 18th



Lang.Arts / Math / History / Chinese / Dance /Physics


Subject Groupings by Terms: Another Glance

Terms 1(Fall)/7 Weeks:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • History
  • Music History
  • Dance/Health
  • Chinese

Terms 2 &3(Winter)/14 Weeks:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • History
  • Biology
  • Dance
  • Chinese

Terms 4&5 (Spring)/ 12 Weeks:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • History
  • Art History
  • Dance
  • Chinese

Terms 6&7 (Summer)/ 10 Weeks:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • History
  • Physics
  • Dance

I hope you find this helpful. I would love for you to share your calendars, schedules and helpful tips!

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