Inspirational, thought I would share!

A Homeschool Mom

Our family recently had the opportunity to visit with friends at their daughter’s birthday party. The kids had a blast, we ate some good food, and we were able to catch up on recent happenings. When we left, instead of walking away feeling refreshed and encouraged, I found myself thoughtful and frustrated.

During our short visit, the father expressed to my husband that we ought to enjoy these young years while they last. His reasoning? Once our kids hit the teen years, we would lose our children to the world and they would rebel.

He explained that all children need to work out their own faith and go through their own gospel experience. (Translation in my mind: they will through hard/bad things and THEN they will truly understand their faith.)

While I believe his heart was in the right place, he truly was meaning to impart wisdom, I believe him…

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