Meet the Village

The Teachers


 ~ Chantel-LaVonne – The Muse ~

Teacher of English & Education Consultant

Chantel (Channie) is a graduate of the University of Virginia and has spent the majority of her ‘outside the home’ career in education (classroom teacher, curriculum specialist and instructional coach). Married to her college sweetheart, Khari ‘G-Man’ Grant,she is the mother of 3 amazing girls: Lela-LaVonne;Niara-Avani; and Lourdes-Cataleya. She enjoys going to the theater, hanging out with her family, all things chocolate, and Chris Matthews!


~ Cherie – The Sage ~

Teacher of History, Geography & Personal Development

Cherie is a graduate of the University of Virginia. Her background and passion is in development. She worked for the U.S. State Department, USAID and developed Wilberforce University in South Africa while working for the AME Church’s outreach agency. She is big sister to Chantel, wife to Lorenzo, and mother to Jordan and Linda. She enjoys reading, a good cup of black tea served in a delicate English tea cup, peace, and Charlie Rose.

~ Pam – The Implementer ~
Teacher of Sciences & Manager of Logistics

 Pamela is a graduate of Yale University and a practicing ER physician. She is the mother of Natalie, Nathan, and Noah. Originally from LA, she has lived in the DC Metro area for over 15 years. BFF to Cherie and Godmomma to Jordan and Linda, she enjoys all things creative and fun including interior design, skiing, hosting parties and playing with her dogs at the dog park.

Meet the Dads


~ Khari – G-Man ~

( Husband of Chantel )

Khari is a graduate of the University of Virginia and works in the Mortgage-Backed Securities industry. He is the husband of Chantel and dad to Lela, Niara and Lourdes. He is a lover of all things SCI-FI, and a professor of superheros and the worlds they rule! He is also the and manager of this wonderful blog! You can check out his personal blog to learn about his latest rants, raves, and random things!

Lorenzo ~ “D” 

 (Husband of Cherie) 

Lorenzo is a graduate of the University of Virginia (undergrad) and Catholic University (Law). He is a lobbyist and is fluent in French. He is also a devote ‘soccer’ guy and grill master. He enjoys his family, hot sauce, ketchup and…a clean house!

The Students

Natalie ~ The First the Launch!

(Pam’s Eldest)

Natalie is our senior and the first to graduate our home school in the spring. Her hobbies include reading and learning languages. She hopes to become a Naval Officer and serve this great country.

Jordan ~ “The Jordan”

(Lorenzo and Cherie’s Eldest)

Jordan is our 9th/10th grader and super soccer player. She enjoys going to the movies, sharing her opinions, working out, and her grandmother’s sweet potato pie! Her aspirations include being an Olympic Soccer Player!


Nathan  ~ The Comeback Kid

(Pam’s 2nd child)

Nathan is our 8th grade student. He is a highly creative and warm-spirited young man. He enjoys hanging out with the Village, socializing and swimming (even at 5:30 a.m.) Nathan is currently enjoying thinking about how God will use him in the future! He plans to keep us posted.


Linda ~- Mother To All

(Lorenzo and Cherie’s Youngest)

Linda is our 5th grader and is a pure delight. She has started her own company, The Queen of Beauty, and has enjoyed helping clients find and maintain their inner and outer beautiful selves. She enjoys nurturing her little cousins, baking, decorating and having fun. She plans to help make the world a much more beautiful and happier place!

Lela  – The Ballerina

(Khari and Chantel’s Eldest)

Lela is our 1st grader and is so excited about learning. She is a dancer at heart and is a student at The Washington Ballet in DC. She is a super big sister that adores her little sisters. She looks forward to playing with her cousins, movies, pool parties, dates with dad guessed it…dancing! When she was asked what she wants to do when she gets older she replied, “Everything!”

Next On Deck

Niara  – Daddy’s Girl

(Khari and Chantel’s 2nd Child)

Niara is our resident toddler. She enjoys smelling flowers, ballet, playing with her sisters, spending time with Jordan and going to Auntie Cherie’s house. Oh, she also wants you to know she likes oatmeal, pancakes and cheese!

Lourdes  – Happy Girl!

(Khari and Chantel’s Youngest)

Lourdes is the latest addition to our village. She enjoys waking up to her sisters and Meemaw, sucking on her fingers, and parties. What is she looking forward to…solid foods!

Special Helper

Linda  – MeeMaw

(Mother of Cherie and Chantel – Grandmother to all)

Linda is the proud grandmother of the village. She enjoys supporting her daughters as they home school and loves to sit in on classes to witness the children learn. Her other hobbies include solitaire, reading and getting together with her Red Hatters. But most of all she enjoys cheering the Redskins on, win or lose!