20121215_223035AVWhen I was pregnant with my first daughter, Lela, I spent countless hours researching schools within the Washington, DC area where we reside. Although I was helping my sister, Cherie, home school her daughter Jordan, I never really considered home schooling as an option for me. The teaching part I was confident about since it was my background. My ability to commit and ‘stick-with-it’ was a concern because I, like a butterfly, like to flutter from one thing to the next.

Lela grew up in a community full of learning. She was hearing me teach, playing ‘school’ with her cousins and was surrounded by books and conversations. By the age of three she could count to 20, say her ABCs and identify basic shapes and colors.

We decided to begin home schooling her at four years old (read my hubby’s reaction!). Although there are many reasons why we home schooling, our main reason includes the opportunity to sow into our children the love and power of Jesus Christ and to model Christ-like values. Secondly, I absolutely love spending time with my children. I receive daily more than I give and am quite aware that this season with them is so short. The last major reason is my confidence in putting together an educational experience that ignites their curiosity and honors their intellect.

Over the past ten years Cherie (my sister), Pam, and I have joined together to support, correct, and encourage one another. Our Village Home School has grown organically through the years and continues to do so. We are truly grateful that the Lord shows up everyday to help us raise our children. We do not profess to know it all and we do not have a soapbox to stand on. We are simply parents trying to make the best choices for our families.

So, whether you home school or not, we welcome you to our world! Please take some time to get to know the Village Players? Planning for college? Need some inspiration? Advice? Ideas on what to cook? Simply click on the link and settle in for some fun. Have a question or need some advice, please contact us–we would love to hear from you. It is our desire to encourage you as you go about the important work of nurturing your village.

We appreciate your visit and hope you will join our extended family because as you know...It Takes a Village!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Chantel-LaVonne ~ The Muse

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